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deluxe 10mm rainbow mala prayer beads - balance


These deluxe limited edition rainbow mala prayer beads, are totally unique. Designed and hand crafted especially for you with 108 A grade 10mm counting crystals, knotted in place to help you easily flow through a full chakra mantra cycle. We endeavour to use only the highest grade of crystals available, so the stones are vibrant and powerful. Each crystal is hand knotted in place, to make each sphere roll easily between your fingers. We also take very special care to blend each colour spectrum perfectly into the next, so to reflect the wheels of our energy centres seamlessly merging into one another.

We finish off all our malas with a subtle, but beautifully carved clear quartz buddha head. Clear Quartz is a powerful cleansing and charging stone.  

selected crystals on each mala:

Balancing Mala : Hematite, Smokey Quartz, Breciated Jasper, Sardine Coral, Red Aventurine, Orange Moonstone, Carnelian, Yellow Tiger Eye, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Jasper, Green Chalk Turquoise, Rhodonite, Pink Talcum, Rose Quartz, New jade, Malachite, Labradorite Natural Turquoise, Lapiz, Dark Lepidolite, Dark Amethyst, Light Amethyst, White jade,  Howlite, Clear Quartz, & a Clear Quartz Buddah Head.
Crown Chakra Mala: Clear Quartz, Howlite, Moon Stone, Blue Lace Agate & Clear Quartz Buddah Head
Third Eye Chakra Mala: Amethyst Pale and dark, Clear Quartz, Lapiz,  Blue Lace & Clear Quartz Buddah Head
Throat Chakra Mala: Natural Turquoise, Sodalite, Blue Fluorite, Angelite & Clear Quartz Buddah Head
Heart Chakra Mala:  Rose Quartz, Pink Talcum, New Jade, Labradorite, Green & Blue Turquoise & Clear Quartz Buddah Head
Solar Plexus Mala:  Citrine, Yellow Fluorite, Tiger Eye, Smokey Quartz, Yellow Jasper & Clear Quartz Buddah Head
Sacral Chakra Mala: Carnelian. Tiger Eye, Smokey Quartz, Jasper, Peach Moon Stone, Red Aventurine & Clear Quartz Buddah Head
Base Chakra Mala:  Hemitite, Smokey Quartz, Snow Flake Obsidian, Red Tiger Eye, Sardine Coral & Clear Quartz Buddah Head


how to use your mala beads

Using a mala is a great way to focus on your meditation and clear your mind from distraction. Find a peaceful place and sit cross legged. Close your eyes and slow your breath, then bring attention to your mantra. Count through the gemstones one by one with your thumb and index finger, running through the full cycle of 108 beautiful crystals will help you to still your mind and release your thoughts from distraction. Once you reach the guru bead turn and repeat your mantra in the opposite direction. You can repeat this as needed. Our unisex deluxe mala beads are made with 108 beautiful rainbow coloured 10 mm crystals. They are without doubt the most beautiful crystal Chakra Malas available.
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